Registration for JOTA-JOTI 2016 is now open !

Join in the world-wide Scouts and Guides network in October and sign up your group.

Yes, Guides too, Member units of our sister organization WAGGGS can now sign up directly and join in the adventure together with the Scouts in WOSM member Associations.

So, why sign up for the JOTA-JOTI weekend?

The only way to know ahead of time is to register your location. Once you’ve registered, the other locations around the world will know to look for you and your location. Likewise, you’ll be able to see at a glance all the rest of the locations from across town to the other side of the Earth.

Our theme is “Discover Our World” and this is a great way to determine who’s on and to map out your own effort to discover our world. Plus, when you register you will receive your JID code so you can participate in JamPuz.

How Do I Sign up?

First, make sure you’ve created a profile on the website and that you are logged into  This sets you up to access all the webpages you will need.    If you do not yet have a profile, then you can create one here.  If you already have a profile, but have forgotten the password, then you can reset the password here.

NOTE: the sign-up is intended per Scout or Guide group. So NOT as an individual !

Second, push this button:


You will then receive an email welcoming you to JOTA-JOTI 2016.

If you have any query about the sign up system, then visit the Sign Up FAQ.




Information entered in to the sign-up / registration system will be used to help administer JOTA-JOTI.  Information will be used within the World Organization of the Scout Movement and may also be shared with National Scout Organizations & Associations and with WAGGGS.  An extract of the information will also be published on the JOTA-JOTI website.