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JamPuz Documents

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Image of all JamPuz documents for 2018

JID Poster
This poster is designed for you to print, write your JID on and then display at your JOTA-JOTI location.
| JID poster |
New for 2018, the option for you to download the poster to complete before printing: | MS Word | Open Document |


All of the sheets below provide space to record the JIDs you collect.  You could decide to collect JIDs collectively, by patrol or individually – it is up to the person running the JOTA-JOTI event at your location to decide taking in to account the time available, and the age of those taking part.


Region Codes
The Region Code is the WOSM region number.  The region code is the first character of the JID.   (See JamPuz FAQ for more information.)|
1‘ = Africa, ‘2‘ = Arab, ‘3‘ = Asia-Pacific, ‘4‘ = Euroasia, ‘5‘ = Europe, ‘6‘ = Interamerica. ‘7‘ is used by volunteers supporting JOTA-JOTI.
| Region Code sheet |


Suffix Codes
Another element for JamPuz … each JID issued ends with a letter.  The challenge is to collect these.
| Suffix Code sheet |


Bingo Codes
This a key element of JamPuz and involves collecting the two digit ‘bingo’ element of the JID.  The two digits are the 4th and 5th characters of the JID.  If you have a lot of people taking part in JamPuz at your location, then you can take advantage of the different ‘bingo’ cards below.  Alternatively you could complete one card and then start on the next.
| Bingo Card 1 | Bingo Card 2 |


Country Code
This is another key element of JamPuz and involves collecting the two digit country codes from the JID.  The 2nd and 3rd characters of the JID represent the country.  (See JamPuz FAQ for more information on country codes.)
| Country sheet |


Find the words
This is another element of JamPuz that was first introduced in 2017. The challenge is spell out the words ANNUAL TRAVEL FREE JAMBOREE using any of the letters contained in the JIDs you collect (but you can only use each JID once).
| Find the Words |


Log Sheet
The Log Sheet is to help you record the JIDs as you collect them during your JOTA-JOTI.
| Log Sheet |


Participation Certificate
There is a Participation Certificate for JamPuz 2018.  This is available via


Updated 14.10.18